Q. How much space is required to install the Unique Lift ABOVE a garage door?
A. A minimum of 20” of clear space between the garage door in the open position and the ceiling is required.



Q. How much space is required to install the Unique Lift when NOT installing above a garage door?
A. A minimum of 8’6” from garage floor to ceiling is required. In addition, the storage basket must rise and park to at least 7’ above the garage floor.

Q. How much space will the Unique Lift take up in my garage?
A. The storage basket is 48”x 96”x 6” with the dive unit, cables, and supports about the same size.

Q. What do I need to check before installing?
A. Check the spacing of your garage joists. To mount the Unique Lift you must have joists installed on either 16” or 24” centers. If not, then addition supports may be required before installation.


Q. How easy is the garage lift to install?
A. With a basic knowledge of hand tools and mechanical skills a customer can install the garage lift in less than a day with some help.

Q. Are there any special tools/equipment required for installation?
A. We recommend using a safe devise to allow you to work at the height of your garage. Devices such as a scaffold are usually available at a local tool rental. In addition, two ladders and some help from two individuals will make the job easier.

Q. Are installation manuals available on line?
A. Yes, you can download an installation manual from our web site.


Q. How do I raise or lower the garage lift?
A. With the garage door closed move the position switch to either the up or down position and press and hold the up or down button on the master control panel mounted to the garage wall.

Q. How do I load the basket?
A. Lower the basket down to the garage floor and place/remove stored items.

Q. What type of maintenance is required?
A. Check the mounting bolts once a season and lubricates the drive and timing chains at the same time.


Q. What safety features are on the Unique Lift?
A. The garage lift will not lower when the garage door is raised nor will the garage door operate when the garage lift is being used.

Q. Any additional safety features on the Unique Lift?
A. The lift will not operate unless the up or down buttons on the master controller are pushed and held in.

Warranty Information / Technical Support

Q. What is the product warranty?
A. The Unique Lift has a 3 years limited warranty (See order page for complete details).

Q. Is installation/technical support available?
A. Yes, call our toll free number to reach a technician that will assist you.