Organize your garage with an electric garage storage lift

Are you having difficulty using your garage for its true purpose – for parking your cars? Is your garage cluttered with boxes, tools, seasonal items, sporting equipment, toys, and who know what else? When we start to run out of space in our homes to store our belongings, it’s easy for the garage to become a “catch-all” storage area. Boxes and items can get piled up in heaps until we don’t even know what we’re storing out there.

Garage Organization Tips

If you’re ready to tackle some major garage cleaning, plan to set aside at least a full day.  You’ll want to make sure you set aside enough time to tackle the entire project; you don’t want to get started, run out of time, and then leave the garage only half organized!

Your garage most likely has an under-utilized storage space you haven’t even thought about- the ceiling! Transform that seemingly useless space with an electric garage storage lift.  You’ll have additional storage space that can be easily accessed with just the turn of a switch.

Here are 5 steps for ultimate garage organization


Use a garage storage lift system! As mentioned above, the easiest way to start your garage organization is to get all those belongings off the ground. Electric garage storage lifts can store everything from garden supplies to sports equipment.  They are simple to access with just the push of a button, and won’t have to worry about using a ladder

Clear out the clutter. Your garage organization project should start the same way you’d organize your home- by de-cluttering. Figure out which items you use regularly and need to be able to access on a regular basis, which items are damaged or old and can get tossed, and what you might be able to donate. If you have multiples of one item, keep the best one and get rid of the rest.

Categorize your belongings. Keep like items grouped together so you can easily find things when you need them. Categorize the items currently being stored in your garage: sports equipment or outdoor games, seasonal décor, camping gear, tools, garden supplies and equipment, etc.

Use the space wisely. If you have some extra space, you can even create work areas for projects like gardening, car repair or home improvement projects. Plus, the garage is a perfect place to keep muddy shoes and hang sweatshirts and jackets that are worn when working out in the yard. Keep that dirty stuff out of your home and save your floors and rugs!

Maintain your newly organized garage! Once your garage is organized, be sure to keep it that way! At least once year, maybe in the springtime when you’re doing other spring cleaning tasks, go through your garage storage and purge what you can, reorganizing the space so you’re getting the most use out of it. Go through the items kept your electric garage storage lift, too, so you can make room for more belongings as needed.

Want to know more about how our Unique Lift can help with your garage organization?  Contact us directly to learn more.

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