Unique Lift™ Announces Dealer Agreement with Toronto-area Garage Storage Company

CLEVELAND, OH – The local manufacturer of a garage storage lift has announced a dealer agreement with a Toronto based garage storage company.  The partnership between Unique Lift™, LLC and Toronto Garage Solutions gives the Cleveland-based company an international presence and the ability to help thousands of home owners with their garage storage problems.

“I’m excited to be working with Toronto Garage Solutions,” said Mike Neibecker, president of Unique Lift™.  “Our lift is an excellent complement to their current product line and I think it will provide a great storage solution for their customers.”

According to Neibecker, the agreement gives Toronto Garage Solutions an exclusive territory to market and sell the Unique Lift™ garage storage solution.  The product is designed to fit the in the space above a garage door, but it can be used in other areas of the ohome as well.  When the garage door is closed, the hanging basket can be safely lowered to the ground with a motor.  The goal is to create extra storage space in an area that what once considered useless.

“The Unique Lift will be a great option for our customers,” said Brett Lombardo, owner of Toronto Garage Solutions. “Every day we meet customers with more stuff than storage space, and this product will help tremendously.”

According to Neibecker, the Unique Lift™ has been used for many applications, including in basements to create additional storage space.  It is the only garage storage lift that uses a motor to lower the basket to the ground.

“The possibilities for the product are endless,” said Neibecker. “With the push of a button, the customer can easily access their belongings in a much safer manner than using a ladder.”

For more information on the Unique Lift™ garage storage system, or to inquire about becoming a dealer contact Mike Neibecker at [email protected] or 800-287-1014

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